March 31, 2016



Check out what some of our customers are saying below!


“As musicians and music educators, my husband and I are so very pleased
with Mike’s work on our two instruments. One is a Yamaha Clavinova and
the other is a Yamaha Grand which is also a Disklavier. He takes the
time to not only beautifully tune our grand, but also is able to make
the necessary adjustments within the electronics of both instruments.
He has contacted Yamaha directly on our behalf, sent parts to be
repaired or replaced and has kept us informed along the way. In this
digital world, he is quite knowledgable and that is so very
important. To be a fine tuner is one thing, but to understand the
digital media is just the icing on the cake for us. Thank you, Mike.”
Nat and Claire B.

“Michael is a real artist; continues to perfect his craft; always punctual; very professional and friendly to his clients.”
Kate & Ted D.

“With Mike Barrett’s fine tuning of my Yamaha baby grand the sound is exactly as it was when purchased 15 years ago! You are truly my favorite piano tuner! Best regards”
Roberta E.

“Mike Barrett has been tuning our Baby Grand Yamaha piano and our John Challis harpsichord for a over a year. He is skilled and professional, an excellent tuner who is always willing to take the time needed to correct a problem. He promptly returns emails and phone calls and is friendly and knowledgeable. And he doesn’t mind our two dogs sniffing around his pant legs as he tunes! I highly recommend Mike Barrett as a piano tuner.”
Mia G.

“As a professional musician and teacher, I recommend Mike Barrett to every pianist I meet. He is thorough, reliable and knowledgeable and demonstrates a commitment to excellence with personable and professional customer service. With Mike, the tuning and regular maintenance on my Yamaha grand is in excellent hands.”
Karyn H.

“Just wanted to send you special thanks for the guidance you gave us when we purchased our “new” player piano. We love it! It sounds real good too thanks to the expert tuning it received from you. Thank you so much for your willing, smiling help. It was our pleasure to do business with you and Parramore Music.”
Joan H.

“Sometime around late 2005 or early 2006, I called Parramore Music to inquire about someone to tune my piano. Michael Barrett returned my call and set up a time to come to my house. This began what has been a continuing relationship, both personal and professional, with whom I believe to be an expert in the care, maintenance and knowledge of pianos. When my childhood piano became so worn that it was unable to stay tuned, Michael assisted me in purchasing a new piano from Parramore Music, a purchase that has brought me hours of playing enjoyment. In addition to maintaining my piano, Michael also maintains the church piano that I play every Sunday morning. One of the best things that Michael does for his customers is keep track of when it is time for your piano to be tuned; and notifying you by either e-mail or phone so that he can schedule an appointment, at your convenience, to come to your house. Not having to wonder/worry about when or if it is time for a tuning is great! Give Michael a call, if you are searching for someone to care for your piano, or if you are considering buying.”
Marty R.

“Our piano sounds great now thanks to the tuning it just received from you. We didn’t realize how bad it sounded until we heard how good it sounds now! We will happily recommend your piano tuning expertise to anyone who asks. Finding you is one of our “just lucked out” good fortunes in life.”
Thank you so much.
Ann C.

“Michael is up to a challenge. I gave him my 1927 Baldwin Monarch. He didn’t flinch, and quietly tackled not just the tuning; but some serious rebuilding. He’s still enthusiastic, or at least is polite enough to
make me think so. Good job, Mike!”
Joan P.

“My piano isn’t just a beautiful piece of furniture; it’s an instrument that I enjoy playing everyday. Mike takes impeccable care of my baby grand. He is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and provides personalized customer service. He is the best around.”
Rebecca R.

“Mike is an amazing piano tuner! He’s very personable, he’s always on time and available. I have never had to have any work redone by him. He does a great job!”
Laura G.

In the fall of 2011, Mike came to our church to do a routine tuning on our much loved 1913 Chickering baby grand which contained all of it’s original parts. For years we had put off needed repair work due to budgetary constraints. The news that morning was grim: the piano no longer had the ability to hold a tune. Fearful that a new piano would not provide the same quality of sound and mindful of our congregation’s sentimental attachment to the piano, the decision was made to invest in it’s refurbishment. Over the course of several months, Mike resurrected our piano. In addition to replacing the strings, felt, etc., he pulled the cast iron plate, stripped the old finish off the plate and soundboard, repainted the plate, refinished the soundboard, resealed both items, then reinstalled and aligned them. He even replaced the scant remains of the original soundboard decal with an identical reproduction. When Mike delivered the refurbished piano to our sanctuary, he presented us with a scrapbook of photos documenting the progress throughout this massive undertaking. In addition to his skill, the love and care that Mike pours into his craft are evident in the finished product. I could not be more pleased with Mike’s work and I feel incredibly humbled and blessed to have the privilege of playing this instrument that has been loved and appreciated by so many others for almost 100 years. I am ecstatic to know that this piano will continue to provide enjoyment for several more generations.
Shari H.

I love playing my grand piano…I love when I hit all the correct keys that the song sounds great…what I don’t love is trying to remember when it was last tuned or serviced…I just want to play which is where Mike comes in He worries about all the service stuff. He calls in advance,makes an appointment convenient to us and best of all actually shows up on time…in this day and age a rarity.When he is finished I sit back down at my piano and all is well…I love playing my grand piano…THANKS MIKE
Dave V.

I have been a customer of BPS for a couple of years now and they never cease to amaze me with the quality of their service. From the multiple keyboards they have repaired, to the work on our grand piano, excellence has been a benchmark of the work provided. I will definitely be using BPS for years to come and recommending them to as many friends as I can.
Jamie C.